New art hotel, 250 Main, opens in Rockland

May 24 2016 — Six years ago, Cabot Lyman bought a run-down building on Rockland’s Main Street. The economy was still in recession, and Lyman wanted a project to make work for some of the people at his boat building business. He planned a five-story condominium project.

“When it did get going,” says Lyman today, “(the market) had absolutely no interest in the condominiums.”

The foundation for the building was already built by then, but Lyman wrapped it in plastic and put the project on hold for two years-- until he got the idea to build a high-end hotel instead.  Early this month, “250 Main” opened. It’s a 26-room hotel with a spectacular view of Rockland Harbor and an interior filled with art.

Lyman and general manager Taylor Corson call 250 Main an art hotel.

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