Owner/Operators of New Groton Inn Reveal Marketing Data & Business Strategy

By Russ Harris

After the Planning Board reviewed and essentially approved the modified plan for the Groton Inn, member Russell Burke asked about the Inn's business prospects. 

Peter Twachtman, Chief Operating Officer of the Migis group, operator and part-owner of the Inn, explained that a detailed marketing study of the area showed "that there is plenty of business for hoteliers to share in the region surrounding Groton." He said that about 50 percent of the market is in the group/business category, that the other 50 percent is leisure bookings. The advantage of this mix, he said, is that it provides a more balanced business model, a blend of mid-week vs. weekend business. 

Looking at area competition, he said, "They tend to be 65 percent occupied on an annual basis. So, it looks like there is plenty of business to share." He added, "There is plenty of business to pull into the Groton community in an appropriate way." 

Speaking of Migis Group's philosophy for running the Inn, Twachtman said that although the Inn and the restaurant are two separate buildings, the company sees the site as a single, unified experience.